Saturday, August 27, 2011

Glorious Saturday mornings and guilty admissions

I went out early this morning (6.55am) to catch the best of the weather knowing that showers were due later. I had planned to do a ride mapped by DeadHead1971 on Map my Ride

This route is one that features in a half-formed plan to do a sponsored ride for Children in Need and other charities. There is a good deal of V and training to go before this will happen.

The road was closed at the Saron crossroads so I ended up doing this instead: -

This is where I have to confess that my previous times doing this route have been cheats. I admit that what I have done was not the ride mapped but a shorter and easier route. I have never done the Category 3 climb out of Peniel - until today. Now I ache!

Mea Culpa.


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