Monday, September 5, 2011

When the effort pays off!

Last week I posted that I have tried a route mapped by Deadheah1971 which went up to the Brenig Reservoir and includes a 17% climb. I didn't complete it that time as the road was closed after the Saron crossroads.

Well I went again yesterday afternoon. The weather was lovely - sunny and warm and the road was open after the crossroads. The climb up to this crossroads is still beyond me - I had to stop multiple times which is, I suspect down to the fact that I am not getting out more than once a week at the moment. The route as mapped by me is here . I did try and add some photos (I remembered to take a camera!) without much success so here they are.

The view from Peniel Hill

The 17% climb up Peniel Hill!

Wind farm near the top

Made it!!

The Brenig

All downhill from here (thanks goodness).

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