Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Well. I'm not having a great week so far. I managed to get out on the bike yesterday evening and did the route up to Prion and back in 40 minutes. Best time so far and I didn't stop which tells me that I'm not in such bad shape.

Work is a pain at the moment. I had a meeting today that I had spent a good deal of time preparing for and it was cancelled because someone important to the proceedings didn't turn up. It really ticks me off when this sort of thing happens.

As for Britain it seems that certain lawless areas of the country are going to hell in a hand-basket. There is no excuse for the behaviour. It is NOT due to the shooting by the police of a man in London, nor is it due to the Government, immigration, and all the other things the lawless blame it on. It is no more than lawlessness - plain and simple. Those that are rioting are out to cause trouble, destruction and to steal all that they can get away with.

I am not going to suggest any solution to the problem - I don't have one. I'm just glad I live in North Wales.


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