Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not Cycling and Not Denbigh but...

Sixth of August. A mixed bag of Saturday weather and a plan to get all the jobs done by lunchtime or early afternoon and go for a walk together. C. was at Granny's until Sunday, her room had been decorated and we set too and put everything back...only it ends up being more than that - tidying, sorting, chucking out (recycling) and so on. Plus there are all the other weekend jobs to do.

At 5pm we had had enough so we put the boots on and went out for a walk anyway. The weather had cleared up but by then we had reached the 'who cares' stage about the rain. We drove to Rhewl near Ruthin and walked up Lady Bagot's Drive. I have cycled it already and it is a gem, part of a figure of 8 taking in Llandyrnog, Llanynys, Rhewl, Bontuchel and Ruthin. The gorge is breathtaking and worth the effort.

The walk (slightly longer than what we did) features in the Daily Telegraph 20 Greatest Walks in Britain which I cannot find a link to sadly.


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