Thursday, July 28, 2011

A great way to end a good day

We had a good day yesterday. The morning was relaxed (still on leave) and in the afternoon we went to Chester and had a posh afternoon tea at the Grosvenor Hotel as a treat for C. (she got an excellent school report).

When we got home I went out as it was such a nice evening. The route was a slight variation on one I have done before (here). Enough of a challenge to let me know I have had a good ride and short enough to get round in less that an hour. The views are great, especially just up from Bodfari where you can see over the Vale and all the way to the Great Orme.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great discovery.

What a great day it was today. Wall to wall sunshine so we got as much as possible done in the morning which left me time to go out for a ride this afternoon. I took off to Llandyrnog and the Rhewl -  a ride I have done before and is mapped here. When I got to Rhewl I looked at the footpath sign for Bontuchel and thought "I wonder where this goes?".

The path was a scenic route to Bontuchel called Lady Bagot's Drive. It follows the Afon Clwydog for a few km along a wooded valley and a gentle climb to Bontuchel. It rejoins made roads just outside the village and then there is a climb out again before heading down hill to Ruthin. The final section is a slog back to Denbigh on the A525 - not really a climb, just undulations. Altogether a good outing and surprisingly easy after a week without the bike in Devon.

I'm going to start taking a camera to snap some of the scenery.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back from holiday...

We have been away to Devon for a week. It was mostly wet but we made the best of it and managed to get a couple of afternoons on the beach in the sun. There is a lot to see and do in the county but not when a fair proportion of the Atlantic Ocean is coming out of the sky. We did see a chap with some wood, a hammer and nails looking for a hill to build a boat on.

I did not take the bike so I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms from riding and not having the chance to watch Le Tour. Oh well I can catch up as I have recorded all the highlights for the last week.