Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fitness, purpose and goals.

What is the aim of cycling? Does it have a purpose and does it even need to have one?

I went out last evening after a pretty busy day with the usual crop of stresses and did an extension of the Prion reference circuit.

Whilst I was riding I contemplated the questions posed above (along with many others) and could not reach a satisfactory conclusion. I did decide the following though: -
  1. I ride the bike because I enjoy it. The area I ride around is amongst the most beautiful and scenic in the world in my view.
  2. I got into cycling recently as a way of dealing with stress and frustrations. It does help a lot. (I have cycled on and off for years - to school, to work, as a child to see friends and go out cheaply)
  3. I have realised that it is a great way of getting fit and loosing weight - and it is working!
  4. The challenge. I have the choice of a flat ride or hills. I often choose a hill because it is a challenge. I am pitting myself against the local geography (although not in THIS league - Respect to Frank!).
I suppose, reading all of the above there is reason enough to cycle but in the end there does not have to be a purpose with any major significance.

I enjoy it. End of...


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