Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cycle racing.

I've been following the Vuelta a España Grand Tour - the third and last Grand Tour of the season. I missed the Giro d'Italia but saw all of the Tour de France and was impressed.  I'm not so impressed with the coverage of the Vuelta but at least it is being shown on ITV4.

Now I have never followed any sport up to now - football is a game full of overpaid Prima Donas and super rich financiers who are now suffering in the credit crunch. Much of televised sport seems to be dominated by football and Formula 1, Tennis when it is on and Golf which is possibly the most yawningly boring TV imaginable!

Cycling is something else. The riders are Athletes (with a capital A) They ride hard for hours then sprint to the finish, even up hill!

Ninety minutes on flat grass - give it a rest.


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