Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Trials and tribulations of the bike...

I have already alluded, rather unsubtly to the quality (or lack thereof) of my current bike. I suppose that Halfords sell to the wider public spanning the entire range of funds. At the time I bought my bike in 2008 - an Apollo FS26, funds were limited and our daughter needed a bike as well so what I had was split between the two.

Apollo FS26
Since that time it has been ridden hard, abused and not properly cared for. At the beginning of this year I knew it required some work just to keep riding and so began a less than systematic programme of repairs starting with the axle bearings, brakes, tyres and a general clean and degrease. Then the cassette needed to be replaced as it had lost so many teeth it had become a liability. Then the head tube bearing was done to correct a worrying range of non-steering movement. The front derailleur came next and this made me realise that the bottom bracket was shot and that no amount of tightening was going to help. In the process of removing the chain rings I bent the small cog so that had to go as well, meaning new chain rings, cranks and pedals. These last few replacements have meant I have been without a bike for nearly two weeks. Thankfully a clean and adjustment proved that the rear derailleur was in good order and at last I have something to ride again.

I have signed up for the Cycle to Work scheme and I will be spending a bit more on a new bike this time - either Merida or Specialized.

Moral of the story. Spend as much as you can afford and look after whatever you get!


Update on 28/9/11

Well I went out late for a quick blast on a short route and the back tyre picked up a puncture just over half way round!!! I still got some exercise - walking back home, pushing the bike from the 6km point.

Grrrr! I needed that like a hole in the head today.

JoD  Further update 29/9/11

I came in from work today and set to work on the puncture... 5 patches later and I have an airtight inner tube again. 5 patches I ask you!!? Meh! as they say.


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