Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wind and rain!

After a day at work during which I was sorely challenged by the trials and tribulations of the human condition I needed to get out on the bike and take it all out on local roads.

I have found that cycling is a great stress reliever. If things with work were different (not having to cover half of Wales, the distance - almost 30km, no facilities for a shower or wash) I would commute on the bike every day.

Anyway I took off into the Vale of Clwyd and did this circuit: -

It was fine when I set out. By the time I got to Llandyrnog it had begun to rain. By Llanynys it was chucking it down. As I turned back toward home the wind had picked up and I was now riding into rain and a stiff breeze! By the time I got home the rain had stopped (or I had ridden out of it) and the wind had pretty much dried me out!

I make no claims to badass status as I break so many of the Rules despite my efforts.

I got round the circuit in 50 minutes which I am pleased with. Stress very much busted!


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