Friday, June 10, 2011

The art of the possible.

Lets see what can be done with Blogger.

I left work early today and was glad that I did. As I did I heard that the Police (bless 'em) had closed the A55 in both directions around the Rainbow Bridge ( Rainbow Bridge ). 20 minutes earlier I had driven under it eastbound and there was a jumper sitting at the apex of the bridge with someone trying to persuade him not to do it.

Anyway all this is not really relevant to the point which was that, having left early I had the chance to ride to an appointment on a bright day and get fit into the bargain (Rule 5). It has confirmed my opinion that I need a new bike and I have my eye on this (Boardman Hybrid) on the basis that I do more road than off road but want to be able to go off the beaten track and funds are an issue. Nor do I race and I am not a member of a club.

The ride itself was fairly flat terrain and left me feeling great (Map). I have been drawing maps of rides and walks for a while now so that I could repeat what I had done and get an idea of distance (in km of course (Rule 24)). I keep looking for new challenges and often combine routes into longer excursions.

It's a start.

The Cat (JoD)

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