Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weather, life and frustration.

I had thought that I would try and do the Arthur 2 Times route on Thursday. It was not to be, mainly due to the unpredictable weather and life in all its many frustrating guises - the car needed two new tyres, I had an appointment at the hairdresser (which was the opportunity to get on the bike and do this) and so on ad infinitum.

On Friday there was more to do and another appointment close to home which I cycled to as it is half the distance than that of the drive (and driving would have been lazy and wasteful to boot)! Before this I had done the shopping (what I get for being off work and as it's a long time since I did it I was shocked at the cost!). I ended up at the gym instead of on the bike so at least I got some exercise. I also weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised.

Today - lots more to do so I did not get out on the bike until late in the day. I did a short route up a hill and got a real surprise. I know the view is good at one point on the ride but tonight it is clear and I could see for miles - out to the Irish Sea at Rhyl and Prestatyn. Why have I never got a camera with me when I need one?


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